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The 5 Best Merino Wool Blankets

Best Merino Wool Blankets

After spending days on our research we have come to a conclusion with some best merino wool blankets currently on the market which will help you to stay intimate in summer and winter. We have short-listed some quality merino wool blankets for you guys. Though Merino wool blankets are the best pick for both summer and winter because of their temperature regulation, so we will be now sharing our top picks of Merino wool blankets that will keep you comfy throughout the year.

Top 5 Best Merino Wool Blankets

Best Merino Wool Blankets


If we talk about the best-known brands in the world of wools then the first name which pops up in our mind is always Pendleton and this is the main reason why we have added this to our list. It comes with perfect workmanship and the result of a perfect piece of workman


ship is the Pendleton’s 5th Avenue Acadia Park Merino Throw. This perfect piece is made from 100% high-quality merino wool which is brushed to feel as soft as fur. It makes sure that it will keep you warm with the help of merino wool, though it is a light throw. In case you don’t like some designs of this then you don’t have to worry because it has some amazing and different designs with the same quality, they have diversified their designs in this. And about the quality which should be added is that it will make sure that the blanket serves you well for the years ahead. 

If you’re not satisfied enough by the quality of Pendleton’s blanket, then let me also add that when a person purchases their National Park-themed blankets then the money from it will go to America’s National Parks. And also they make sure that every one of their blankets is made here in the United States and they work to ship all their products in environmentally friendly packaging. What else do you need? It gives you a high-quality blanket which can also make you feel good about purchasing.

Quality of Pendleton’s Blanket

  • It is 100% virgin merino wool
  • It is made for soft comfort
  • It has a unique design
  • Also, a part of the purchase money is used to support America’s National park
  • It is made in the United States


If we talk about a brand who is working since the 1800s then we all know who we should trust on the brand name is Moon which has been making great product since 1837, or even longer than Pendleton, they are the ultimate brand which is dedicated to their craft, and hence their blanket show

moon wool

s it. They use 100% pure merino lambswool because the outcomes of these types of wools are astonishing, they are warm, soft, and durable. All of their processing is done in-house at their historically rich UK mill, they do the design to dying and weaving in here. So you can be sure that you are getting a product that has been made with quality and care. These blankets give you the experience which you seek in the first place, the quality of these blankets is above all and they also make sure that you feel cozy in this blanket throughout the year.

Quality of Moon’s Blanket

  • It is 100% merino lambswool
  • Also, it is processed with high quality completely in house at Moon’s Yorkshire mill
  • The muted colors and the amazing design of it are great for a multitude of rooms.

Biddy Murphy

This lies in our third pick because of the standard quality which Biddy Murphy provides. This is manufactured in Ireland from 100% Irish merino wool which will make you comfy, th

Biddy Murphye least I can say is that the way they are made they are technically bound to make you comfortable and cozy just the way a merino wool blanket can. If you are heading up for the colors then it has an amazing choice on them as the colors are very warm and on the other hand it makes sure that it can make your room brighten up. Comparing to the sizes which other brands give you, Biddy Murphy makes sure to keep the blankets a little longer than others.

Quality of Moon’s Blanket

  • It consists of 100% Irish Merino wool.
  • The colors are the highlights 
  • The quality of it is extravagant
  • Another thing that standout here is its size which is larger than most other throw blankets

Wooly Mammoth

In case you are planning for camping then your ideal selection for a blanket should be Wooly Mammoth, it is durable which makes it perfect for camping, and to be added it is perfect for most outdoor places. So if you want a blanket that you can use outside of your house like a car, bushcraft, stargazing, emergency preparedness, and many more things, then the perfect selection for blankets would b

Wooly Mammoth

e none other than Wooly Mammoth. This brand has especially thought this blanket out, they have optimized the weave for both durability and design. Also on the other hand they have optimized the wool micron which they initially use for the blanket’s strength and design. If you are thinking that what about the edges because moreover, those are the parts which get torn fast, so for that, the brand people have doubled stitched for both durability and design. To make this durable they have to compromise with the quality a bit so they have added 80% wool and 20% nylon, which essentially helps to make it durable and comfortable at the same time.

Quality of Wooly Mammoth

  • It is made durable and comfortable at the same time.
  • It consists of 80% Virgin Merino wool and 20% nylon



This brand is a certified member of the International Association of Natural Textiles Industry which makes it safe. So now you would be thinking about what needed this tag? This company


 makes blankets specialized for infants only. The simple question is “Why only Adults should experience the comfy blankets?”, Infants too should experience this comfort and warmth of merino wool in the first place. Even this blanket is 100% organic and chemical-free. So to certify this they have become a member of the International Association of Natural Textiles Industry. So while using these blankets with your infants you should feel safe. Hence babies are bound to love this blanket’s temperature-regulating effects of merino wool.

Quality of Disana

  • It consists of soft fibers which are ideal for infants.
  • It is temperature regulating.
  • It is washable.
  • It is 100% organic merino wool.


About Merino Wool

Here we will be discussing some Frequently Asked Questions and a little bit about “What is Merino Wool?” and “Why everyone prefers it”, so now that we have already discussed the top 5 merino wool blankets, it is time to discuss these FAQ’s 


What is Merino wool and from where it comes?

Talking about Merino wool, now that one thing that fascinates me about Merino wool is that it is way too comfortable and cozy. Therefore it comes from merino sheep, these breeds of sheep were the first breed in Spain and were considered as a big part of their economy for a very long time. Though in the 1800s merino sheep were moreover “processed” in New Zealand and also in Australia, which further brought modern merino sheep to life. So this is what Merino wool is and this is where it comes from.

How good Merino Wool is and how it can be referred to as the ideal option?

Merino wool is way more than soft and comfy compared to the other kinds of wool. Let me ask you a question, have you ever wore an itchy wool sweater? If yes, then it wasn’t Merino wool. Yes because it is that soft that when it comes contact to with your skin it won’t harm your skin at all. The reason to it is that each merino fiber is significantly thinner than other wools. This thinner fiber makes sure that the merino wool is less scratchy and itchy to your skin when it comes to contact. Therefore this is how it is the ideal option for clothing and blankets.

Comparing “Normal” wool to Merino wool

Here the trickiest part comes in as the Merino wool shares many features with the other “Normal” kinds of wool but after sharing so many characteristics it still stands out in two major areas which are as mentioned softness and temperature regulation, which the “Normal” wool fails to provide.

Properties of Merino wool

We have discussed the FAQ’s, now lets dive into its properties, as Merino wool consist some pretty clean properties which are:


Though wools are naturally odor-resistant which helps you not to put the extra effort to wash them on daily basis to keep them clean and smell-free. So one of the main headaches of your is now out of the way. 


If you care about the environment like me then this is an important property of its. It is biodegradable as wool is 100% biodegradable, which means when you are done with the blanket (mainly it would take years because of its durability) then you can get it done with.


Hence wool is a renewable resource, unlike other synthetic products which are based on petroleum. So wool wouldn’t be going anywhere down the line.


Though I hope that this property is the most important property of its but hopefully you wouldn’t need it any day but it is just an add on to this blanket. Therefore wool is something that is much harder to burn than other natural fibers and doesn’t melt and drip like other synthetic products.


Till here I have concluded all the thing from “Best Merino wool blankets” to their properties and also the FAQ. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and some of the information could help you in any way in the real-life purchase.

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