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The SunSeeker Fire Blanket is a new type of fire shelter that can be used to save lives as well as protect homes and places of business. Our fire blanket is created from a ceramic fiber material that does not burn and can withstand heat up to 2,500°F. In greater temperatures, the blanket melts rather than burns without emitting any smoke or fumes, and is completely water resistant. Also, the material possesses the advantages of low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. The SunSeeker Fire Blanket incorporates the same technology that NASA uses on their spacecrafts to handle the searing heat of atmospheric reentry.


We’ve developed the SunSeeker Fire Blanket with America’s firefighters in mind. Being a firefighter is one of the most dangerous jobs there is, so we wanted to help make it a little safer, and hopefully save lives. Beyond this, our fire blanket can be used with structures for people who want to better protect their home from a fire and brick-and-mortar business owners who want to safeguard their establishments.

On a smaller scale, individuals can use our product to tackle daily tasks and problems such as handling hot items in the kitchen. Outside the home, individuals can use a smaller, personal-sized fire blanket in case of automobile-related emergencies, or even bring it on a camping trip.



This past June, a wildfire broke out in Yarnell, Arizona that raged on for over two weeks and, in the process, took the lives of 19 firefighters and destroyed more than 120 buildings. Many of the fire shelters in use by firefighters today protect only up to 500°F, and can withstand such temperatures for a couple minutes, at best. The firefighters in the Yarnell Hill Fire didn’t stand a chance deploying their shelters when the temperatures from the wildfire rose to over 2,000°F. Our goal is to make sure that, in the near future, firefighters in this position have a fighting chance with the SunSeeker Fire Blanket.

Fire Blanket

Our SunSeeker Fire Blanket was originally created to help save the lives of firefighters. However, we have developed the product to also have residential and commercial applications to protect homes and places of business.


Our goal is to see the SunSeeker Fire Blanket become an essential tool for every firefighter. The Yarnell Hill fire was a wake-up call; it became apparent that firefighters need a better, safer fire shelter, and we have created just that with the SunSeeker Fire Blanket. We’re asking people to help us make our goal a reality by backing our fire blanket and saving lives. Also, with your help, we will be able to fully develop the product to be used in homes and businesses.


The SunSeeker Fire Blanket can be made in five standard grades, all of which are lightweight and thermally efficient:



At SunSeeker, our purpose is to deliver advanced fire protection technology to address emergency situations and everyday consumer market applications. The high-temperature fire protection and thermal-insulation-qualities of aerospace-grade ceramic fiber used by NASA can better protect residential homes, commercial buildings and personal property. We’ve collaborated closely with individuals that have worked with NASA and the National Forestry Service to develop a product with better fire protection than what it currently available, with our ultimate goal being that this product helps save lives.