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Helping save Americas Firefighters
Utilizing NASA technology, we will develop a fire shelter that will give fire fighters over 2500°F degrees of protection!

This past June, a wildfire broke out in Yarnell, Arizona that raged on for over two weeks and, in the process, took the lives of 19 firefighters and destroyed more than 120 buildings. Many of the fire shelters in use by firefighters today protect only up to 500°F, and can withstand such temperatures for a couple minutes, at best. The firefighters in the Yarnell Hill Fire didn’t stand a chance deploying their shelters when the temperatures from the wildfire rose to over 2,000°F. Our goal is to make sure that, in the near future, firefighters in this position have a fighting chance with the SunSeeker Fire Blanket.

SunFireTech SPF3000 Clear Spray Coat for homes                                                          
Protecting Lives and Property Against Fire
“[Unlike gels and foams,  SunFireTech Clear Spray doesn’t have to be applied just before the fire arrives and is more of a permanent solution]”
  Ken Riddle,  Former Las Vegas Fire Marshal Fire Chief and member of the International Association of Fire Fighters
Components being used on Space X and NASA shuttle vehicles, this exclusive fire prevention coating is saving homes, buildings, property and lives. Protects against wildfires, home fires, embers and ashes to prevent the spread of flames and fire ignition. One application withstands temperatures up to 3,000˚F  for up to five years.  Non-toxic, water resistant and eco friendly.
Applications for

  ▪ Wood,  stucco, concrete, brick, steel                  
  ▪ Plastic, acrylics, electrical wiring, rubber coating          
  ▪Roofs, exteriors and interiors
  ▪Homes, apartments, schools, retail, offices
  ▪Military, government, industry and utility poles
  ▪Data centers and electrical rooms

Patrick Acceptance Speech
Founder Jim Moseley – winner of the 2014 Patrick Soon-Shiong Los Angeles Business Journal Innovation awards.  Featured on Discovery Channels “Forces Of Nature” to be aired this summer for the testing of the new & improved fire shelter for US Firefighters (see preview video) Fox News, Yahoo! News, Los Angeles Times, L.A. Business Journal, Fire Engineering and major media worldwide.  Made in the U.S.A. The most advanced fire protection on the market today.


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